Hundreds of PDFs available without registration on our online reading platform for free

We are constantly getting flooded with information. All of this is available without the need to register a PDF in our online reading platform.

Many people in the world do not have access to ebooks and it is an issue that calls for different solutions. The only way out of this situation is to get rid of the registration process and provide readers with a PDF of all the books they want, any time they want.

Two main types of PDF reading applications are currently available:

We have amassed a massive database of PDFs on our digital reading platform, which you can now browse and learn from in your own time. Our content is complementary to traditional reading on a computer screen through the use of playback features.

The increasing number of PDFs without registration is a problem that is increasingly becoming a challenge for today’s companies and individuals. To cope with this situation, we’ve built one of the most convenient and secure PDF reading platforms in the world.

There is always a risk of people mistaking free ebooks with free samples. Online reading platforms like Scribd, Kobo and Amazon are taking steps to ensure that their readers get more content for less money.

Our online reading platform is also available on mobile devices like iPad and Android tablets. We hope to make it even better by integrating our technologies with the existing products of these companies.

The digital agency wants to get clients to read their ebooks.

For a print magazine, authors are faced with copywriting and layout that might be either too complicated or too simple but needs to be done as per the requirements. The content editor then spends hours on trying to make it work perfectly. Few people may have difficulty in getting the correct layout and need help from an experienced copywriter.

Expert writers will often write a big number of words from scratch on an assigned topic without any reference material. Once they are done, the content editor will try to improve it by incorporating new ideas and taking out redundant information that doesn’t add much value to the article. This can take months or even years of effort for a large-scale magazine.

Without any registration, users can download hundreds of PDFs for free. It works for a wide variety of topics, including content writing and technical guides.

As a result from the success of the platform, we’re seeing an increase in requests for it. In fact, in 2017 alone we collected over 4 million downloads on our platform, which offline bookstores would struggle to achieve with just their warehouse capacity alone. This has led to investment by leading publishers such as EBay and Amazon.

PDFs can be very useful but they are also vulnerable to plagiarism. If a student has access to a PDF file on our platform which is free of charge, he can use it as a source to get his education without paying anything.

We create ebooks and PDF files using our software, we make it available for free online reading on our platform and if students download them for free we do not charge them anything for the book or the PDF file. We have no intention towards making money from selling these files or giving them away for free because we believe in providing the highest quality educational material at affordable prices.

The other benefit is that people can now read more books while they are at work without worrying about having to purchase books later on.

We are not the only ones to have access to a full set of PDFs. There are hundreds of such “apps” available online without registration, which is an advantage for writers and content creators who need to create content.